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Imitation Fire Flame Car Humidifier Air Freshener Aromatherapy Diffuser 100ML

Imitation Fire Flame Car Humidifier Air Freshener Aromatherapy Diffuser 100ML

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Our Imitation Fire Flame Car Humidifier Air Freshener Aromatherapy Diffuser 100ML is the perfect fusion of functionality and ambiance for your on-the-go relaxation needs.

Designed with convenience and style in mind, this sleek device seamlessly integrates into your car, creating a serene environment wherever you travel.

Precautions for Optimal Performance:

  • Maintain water levels within the 100ml capacity for optimal atomization.
  • Utilize a DC5V input power supply for efficient operation.
  • Use pure water to prevent impurities from affecting the atomizer function.
  • The slight sound during operation is normal and indicates efficient atomization.

Package Includes:

1 x Humidifier

1 x USB-C Charger

1 x Manual


✔ Imitation Fire Flame Ambiance: Immerse yourself in the calming glow of our unique flame-inspired ambient light feature. With just a touch, transform your car interior into a tranquil oasis.

✔ Aromatherapy on the Go: Elevate your driving experience with the soothing scents of essential oils. Simply add water and your preferred oil to the 100ml tank, and let the gentle mist fill your car with refreshing fragrance.

✔ Versatile Atomization: Choose between continuous misting or intermittent bursts, allowing you to tailor the humidity level to your preference. Our innovative atomization system ensures efficient water usage for extended use.

✔ Easy Operation: With intuitive controls, switching between functions is a breeze. Adjust the ambient light with a tap, or toggle between spray modes effortlessly, enhancing your driving experience with just the touch of a button.

✔ Built-in Protection: Rest easy knowing that our device is equipped with a water shortage protection chip. It automatically shuts off when water levels are low, safeguarding the device from damage and ensuring peace of mind during operation.

✔ Certified Quality: Our product meets stringent CE, FCC, and RoHS standards, guaranteeing safety and reliability for every use.


✔Power Mode: 5V
✔Rated Power: 5W
✔Water Tank Capacity: 100ml
✔Working Current: 850-900mA


7 cm x 7 cm x 4.3 cm



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ena Rolfson

Very good

Antwon Gerhold

It was dry a lot when the heater was used in the car,
It's nice to use it.
Muse lights are not as colorful as photos.
It's not in my way.
I will use it well.
After two hours of use, the water has not been reduced.

Hermina Torphy

It works and it's fine.