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800W Negative Ion A10 Air Purifier Triple Filtration

800W Negative Ion A10 Air Purifier Triple Filtration

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Discover the ultimate solution for pristine air with our 800W Negative Ion A10 Air Purifier. Designed to cater to small spaces and on-the-go lifestyles, this compact yet powerful purifier ensures that every breath you take is pure and refreshing.

Package Includes:

1 x Negative Ion Air Purifier


✔ Triple Filtration System: Experience unparalleled air purification with our advanced triple filtration system, effectively removing dust, pollen, smoke, and other airborne pollutants.

✔ Negative Ion Technology: Releases 1,000,000 pcs/m³ of negative ions, enhancing air quality by eliminating harmful particles and providing a fresh, natural environment.

✔ Ultra-Quiet Operation: Enjoy peaceful surroundings with a noise level of ≤30DB, perfect for use in bedrooms, offices, and even during sleep.

✔ Compact and Portable: Ideal for small spaces (3-8m³), this purifier is perfect for use in cars, desks, and personal spaces. Its USB power supply ensures it’s always ready to go wherever you need it.

✔ Energy Efficient: Operating at just 5W and 5V, it’s designed for low energy consumption without compromising performance.

✔ Self-Cleaning Function: Maintain optimal performance with minimal effort thanks to the built-in self-cleaning feature.

✔ Certified Safety: CE certified for safe and reliable use.


✔ Air Volume: Below 50m³/h
✔ Power (W): 5W
✔ Voltage (V): 5V
✔ Application Area: Less than 10㎡
✔ Wind Speed: Standard
✔ Usage Condition: Car Charger
✔ Installation: USB


7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 15 cm


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Customer Reviews

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Oleta Zieme

It's wonderful. A mini air cleaner motor for an older car I bought three years ago died and bought a new model this time. The ion release function has been added, as well as the LED!! The price is similar to the price three years ago, so it isn't so bad and there is a cluster ionator in the car, but on a separate note, there is a difference between having hearing and not having hearing, so I strongly recommend it to protect respiratory health.